The Original Tiki Bar

The Original Tiki bar In Fort Pierce, FLThe Original Tiki Bar & Restaurant was built in early 1990 at the Fort Pierce City Marina. The Tiki Bar, as it is affectionately known, soon became a favorite destination for those in search of great food and drinks, all served in a tropical setting.

Situated on the banks of the Indian River, the Tiki Bar boasts open-air dining under an authentic Tiki thatched roof. In August of 1998, the Lloyd family acquired the Tiki Bar and continues to operate the restaurant to this day.

There have been two major changes. The first change to occur at the Tiki Bar was the construction of a new dining room addition in October of 1998. The popularity of the Tiki Bar warranted the transformation of the restaurant from a 60 seat dining room to one with 200 seats. It is not uncommon to see all 200 seats taken with a line of hungry and thirsty patrons waiting at the door for a seat.

The second biggest change to occur at the Tiki Bar came as a result of Mother Nature. In September of 2004, the Treasure Coast of Florida was hit by two major hurricanes only weeks apart, Frances and Jeanne. The devastating winds and storm surge not only destroyed almost the entire Fort Pierce City Marina but also wreaked havoc on the Tiki Bar. The TikiThe Original Tiki Bar Burger Bar sustained major damage to its roof, kitchen, bathrooms and interior decor. The restaurant was forced to close for four months while crews worked around the clock to restore the Tiki Bar to its original luster. The hard work paid off and on December, 31, 2004, the Tiki Bar once again opened its doors – “Better than ever!”

Carrying on the tradition that started in 1990, the Tiki Bar continues to offer excellent tropical fare in an atmosphere that will make you feel as though you are in the islands. Come to the Tiki Bar whereby . . . We overlook nothing . . . but the beautiful Indian River.